Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Duckie Has Been Dismissed

Rubber Duckie has been demoted to the bottom of the toy box. The latest favorite is a half deflated basketball (which makes it perfect for chewing) that was given to him by Zayna & Sheldon for Christmas. The half deflated soccer and football run a close second. Now all I have to do is dress him up in this cute basketball warm up suit my parents gave him and he will be soooo cute. Perhaps I'll post that photo tomorrow...always looking for entertainment around here.

Today Miles went on his first swing. He loved it. At first I was afraid to push him high, but I soon learned that the higher I pushed him, the more he laughed. So I pushed higher and higher and he laughed harder and harder. Lucky no one else was around, it might have looked dangerous. But he was LOVING it, so I didn't much mind.

Miles has been staying up longer these days, so my challenge lately has been to keep things exciting. It's been difficult to be "ON" all the time, but I am having fun and thats the most important thing. It's nice to have Dave come home at the end of every day to read books to Miles. And Miles is always so happy to see his dad after such a long day with his mom. He definatly knows who Dada and Mama are now. As soon as we finish our bath in the evening he looks at me and says Dada over and over again, pretty much until Dave gets home. It's super cute.
This is the two of them reading together. He now reads at least seven books before bed. I love to peek in at them reading but I almost always get caught....so most of the time I turn the monitor on in the kitchen and listen to them while I cook dinner.

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