Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Okay, things have been a bit crazy on this end, and well, come the end of the night, I'm too tired to blog.

So, let's do this point form.
  • Miles is now walking like a mad man. "Gotta Go" is his favorite saying, so needles to say I"m always going, and I have no choice, I gotta.
  • I got stung on my foot by a beet at the park. I stepped on it. It hurt like hell. Foot swelled, ankle swelled. Couldn't walk for a day.
  • Dave got a new job.
  • A new job in another city.
  • We are moving.
  • We can finally buy a house.
  • We are packing.
  • We are looking for a new house to buy.
  • We are BUSY.

So if anyone has been wondering where I, or my head has been...That's where. Well that and it's summer, and I'm enjoying it.

So on the aside...I have a cold sore. Shit. I've never had a cold sore in my entire life....PISSED. I always looked at people with cold sores and thought, "Poor guy/girl, that must suck". Well now I can tell you first hand how much it sucks. First off I can't kiss Miles or Dave. You don't realize how much you kiss your family until you can't kiss them anymore. Secondly, the stares...ooooo the stares. I don't have a fucking disease...Just herpes. SHIT I HAVE HERPES. God couldn't they have come up with something nicer sounding? I'm going to now refer to this nastiness on my lip as a sun blister. Brought on by stress, menstruation, and uh...Poor diet? People will fall for that. Yeah. Yeah. This sun blister better get the hell off my lip soon, I got a wedding to go to in a few weeks. I hear these things can last a month. Again with the PISSED, and the shit, shit, shit, I hate sun blisters.

I'll try my best to continue blogging though moving insanity. I really will. After all, with our history of moving and all that it has to offer, this one should generate a few good laughs...and this time we have a kid! I'll also try my best to write a few more chapters to my previous postings.