Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Know It's Early Thursday....Pretending It's Wordless Wednesday

**Miles in Australia at 6 months...yes thats a real it's not alive...yes we saw them ten times bigger than that!**

Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Heart Melted Today

Today I looked at Miles and said, "Love you Miles"

Today Miles looked at me and said, "Love you Ma Ma"

..........oh and did I mention I need a new camera Santa?

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Rattan is Scratching My Ass

Our house is a MESS...white dust everywhere...DRYWALLING DUST PEOPLE (minds out of the gutters, we are parents here). The renovations continue in the living room, and I predict they will continue for possibly another two weeks. Cramming the family into rest of the house has proved interesting, but not too terribly uncomfortable. Although I am typing on the floor right now, and frankly the rattan mat I'm sitting on is scratching my ass...and no I'm not naked blogging.
So this is why I haven't posted lately, this on the ground blogging is not exactly desirable or comfortable. However, I find when I don't blog, I often have much to say, and it becomes too late to say it. I missed wordless camera is broken (Christmas...hmm..Santa?) I feel like I've missed out on two months of my sons life without a camera...I NEED A CAMERA PEOPLE! I need to capture cuteness on a daily basis, and no I'm not talking about me...

Wordless Wednesday Photo

I missed Thursday Thirteen......hmmm...
Thirteen Ideas To Try and Keep Miles' Mittens On
1. Staple the mittens onto wrists....likely child abuse...SCRATCH IDEA.
2. Staple the mittens onto coat after putting them on...not child abuse..although application may result in accidental child stapling...hard to explain...likely child abuse...SCRATCH IDEA.
3. Insert glue into the tips of the mittens, even if he tries to remove mittens, they will still stick to his fingers...likely child abuse...SCRATCH IDEA.
4. Elastic the ends of the mittens to wrist...could possibly result in loss of circulation..likely child abuse...SCRATCH IDEA.
5. Duct tape mittens to wrist...the one and only fix all...tape removal likely child abuse...SCRATCH IDEA.
6. Tell him that every time he wears his mittens like a good little boy a Thomas the Train will appear...too expensive...SCRATCH IDEA.
7. Sew Mittens to coat sleeve, he has no option but to wear the mittens...sounds like a good idea...too time consuming...SCRATCH IDEA.
8. Hold mittens on myself...Yeah screw that...SCRATCH IDEA.
9. Hire someone to hold mittens on...this is getting harder.....SCRATCH IDEA.
10. Make it undesirable to not wear mittens...shit..likely child abuse again...SCRATCH IDEA.
11. Paper Clips?...Useless...SCRATCH IDEA.
12. I could lie and tell him if he took the gloves off then something bad would happen...damn that's just mean...SCRATCH IDEA.
13. Perhaps I should bite the bullet and accept that once the snow arrives, or that if it gets too cold, he may just want to wear them...or I accept the inevitable frost bite...shit, it that child abuse too?
Suggestions Anyone.....what do you do?
Okay, that sums up my week...I'll do my best to continue this on floor blogging.
ASIDES***Miss you Penny, hope you are having a great time in India***

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thirteen Things Going On Outside

10. SNOW
11. SNOW
12. SNOW
13. SNOW
I need a drink.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

16 Month Old Child + 5 Bites of Candy =

A Seriously Spun Cherry Tomato
**the following photos were taken pre chocolate**

It was like a dog at a dinner party. You know, dog barfs at the end of the night, but everyone claims they didn't give him anything to eat. I gave Miles one bite of chocolate, I then asked if anyone else had given Miles chocolate, everyone says "NO", so I gave him two more bites. 7pm Miles was SPUN. He was running around the house, laughing hysterically, talking super fast, playing with every toy, running laps around the coffee table, chasing the dog...I mean it was insanity. He did everything but barf.

Everyone was laughing their asses was funny, but I have to admit, I was afraid. Afraid of what the night was going to hold for me. Well, surprisingly he slept the ENTIRE night. Probably tired the shit out of himself.

All candy was hidden today...that kids just like his mom..loves Peanut Butter Cups.