Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Know It's Early Thursday....Pretending It's Wordless Wednesday

**Miles in Australia at 6 months...yes thats a real it's not alive...yes we saw them ten times bigger than that!**


Karyn Bosco said...

Love your bold writing. Reminds me of hanging out with you smoking those five packs at memorial park. You are special and i wish a little more of you would've rubbed off on me in my youth! Anyway, where ya living now? Whatch'all up to?
Much love,
Karyn B.
Perhaps a visit over the holidays?

Laural said...

Love it - what a brave child!! Adorable.

Jenny said...

Hee! When the first part of this picture popped up I melted. Then the second half downloaded and I freaked the hell out.

Haley-O said...

Miles is ADORABLE!!!! I want to HUG HIM!!! I can't believe that spider's real. And, it's dead? How'd it die? It's not even smushed!

Shannon said...

I am never going to Australia now, but thanks for the cute picture.