Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Okay, things have been a bit crazy on this end, and well, come the end of the night, I'm too tired to blog.

So, let's do this point form.
  • Miles is now walking like a mad man. "Gotta Go" is his favorite saying, so needles to say I"m always going, and I have no choice, I gotta.
  • I got stung on my foot by a beet at the park. I stepped on it. It hurt like hell. Foot swelled, ankle swelled. Couldn't walk for a day.
  • Dave got a new job.
  • A new job in another city.
  • We are moving.
  • We can finally buy a house.
  • We are packing.
  • We are looking for a new house to buy.
  • We are BUSY.

So if anyone has been wondering where I, or my head has been...That's where. Well that and it's summer, and I'm enjoying it.

So on the aside...I have a cold sore. Shit. I've never had a cold sore in my entire life....PISSED. I always looked at people with cold sores and thought, "Poor guy/girl, that must suck". Well now I can tell you first hand how much it sucks. First off I can't kiss Miles or Dave. You don't realize how much you kiss your family until you can't kiss them anymore. Secondly, the stares...ooooo the stares. I don't have a fucking disease...Just herpes. SHIT I HAVE HERPES. God couldn't they have come up with something nicer sounding? I'm going to now refer to this nastiness on my lip as a sun blister. Brought on by stress, menstruation, and uh...Poor diet? People will fall for that. Yeah. Yeah. This sun blister better get the hell off my lip soon, I got a wedding to go to in a few weeks. I hear these things can last a month. Again with the PISSED, and the shit, shit, shit, I hate sun blisters.

I'll try my best to continue blogging though moving insanity. I really will. After all, with our history of moving and all that it has to offer, this one should generate a few good laughs...and this time we have a kid! I'll also try my best to write a few more chapters to my previous postings.


Laural Dawn said...

Hey! I wondered where you'd been :)
Okay re: the cold sore - I have been plagued by this my my whole life, though thankfully not in the past few years. Go to the doctor - they can prescribe a medication that will dry it out. But, here's the thing, it's herpes medication, so make sure they know it's for a cold sore or else you get some odd questions. Seriously. The stuff is magic - way better than the crap at the drugstore, but embarrassing to buy.
Anyway ...
Where are you moving? That is so exciting. We are hoping to move too. So excited for you. Congrats on the new job. Have fun with the move.

Trish said...

I wondered about you too!
You really are busy. Good luck with the moving and keep us giggling here!

Tawny said...

Congrats on the new job, the move, the new opportunities. Looking forward to our date on the 29th :).

Re the cold sore - whenever I've had them, I've always constantly iced it (wrap an icecube in a papertowel and hold it to your lip until the ice melts, do that every few hours) plus I also found that Lipactin (over the counter) helps. It should only last a week, not a few :). Good luck with it, I know it's a drag, but also - I think you're probably more aware of it then other pple, AND if you've never had one before, it was probably caused by the sun.

Which is why I wear lipstick at all times, even to the BEACH ;).

metro mama said...

Nothing worse than moving. I just went thru it in December. Good luck!

Jonh Neo said...
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Lopey said...

Update your blog dammit!

Lopey said...

okay - what is up with your email? I keep getting system admin messages saying I cannot send to you..... Get in touch please