Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yes We Are Alive!

Before you all start to lecture me about my blogger neglect please take into consideration that we've just picked up our entire lives and plopped them into a new city. We just bought a house (which I love, especially the yard), and even though we've been in it a few weeks, I'm still among boxes, wires, and torn up carpet. Thanks to Mike, we do finally have a new front porch though!

It's not as easy as one might think to blog, unpack, cook, have time for yourself, and look for a job with a walking, talking, 15 month old fun machine always at your side either. Once I find my camera cable...wherever the hell that is...I'll post some new pics of the house and my darling little monster.

It's hard to think about everything I want to blog about when it's been nearly two months since I've made a post. So I will end this post here and come back with a doozie tomorrow. I know, I know....give it a rest Lala.

To all my faithful readers, thanks for waiting for me. I promise a good laugh tomorrow. Right now I have to deal with the bomb that has gone off in my living room.


Laural Dawn said...

I'm so glad you're back! I kept checking to see if you were back. Life sounds wonderful and crazy. I can't wait to hear about it.
I'm with you on the moving. We've moved a lot lately, and though I can't blog about it yet, we're going to again soon.
It's extra fun with a baby isn't it??
Where did you move? Close? Far?
And, thanks for your nice comment on my blog. It totally made my day.

mama melis said...

Yeah!! Now before I lecture you on taking so much time off... I better get mine up and running!! Looking forward to seeing the pics of the house, yard and Miles!!

Anonymous said...

i am writing this entry via conference call with Jackie and Rechna. Happy Halloween from Rechna's porch in Toronto and Kelly's office in LA. We miss you!!! Hope Miles has a great Halloween!

Are you ever going to call my sister? Just lemme know if you want me to stop asking you.