Sunday, February 04, 2007


I grew up knowing that happiness was a warm gun. I knew who Casey Jones was, and that for some strange reason there was always Smoke on the Water. I learned to know when to hold em and know when to fold them, and I knew how to Turn the Page.

Classic Rock.

It's what my parents listened's what I listened to until I discovered that there was more to life (though some may beg to differ) than The Beatles, Grand Funk Railroad, and the Grateful Dead.

It was around grade six when I started experimenting with bands like Ministry, Skinny Puppy, The Smiths, The Dead Kennedy's and the like. I wore a lot of black. My parents hated it.

It was around grade nine that I realized that even though I could appreciate Ministry every now and again, I just didn't want to listen to them as much as I wanted to say goodbye to the yellow brick road, and discuss the merits of the Stranglehold. It wasn't the drugs either, it was the music people. That's not all I listened too, there was The Tragically Hip, Smashing Pumpkins, Ween...and well, the Beastie Boys were always a constant. But I always fell back on the Classics.

As I got older I began to appreciate hip hop. The Roots, Tribe, De La Soul...yadda yadda yadda. And you know other stuff like Radiohead, get the picture. But when I'm in my car, WCSX (classic rock station) is usually my first choice. If I have to throw in a cd, it's Dylan or the Dead.

My point is that currently every night in our house we dance. If we aren't at home, we dance at our friends house.

Sometimes it's to the White Stripes, sometimes it's to James Brown or Stevie Wonder, sometimes it's King Reign.....sometimes it's Bon Jovi (whoo hoo). It just makes me wonder, with Johnny Cash, Dr. Dre, and the Grateful Dead to dance to every night. What music will Miles take to? What music will he fall back on when all the "trendy" bands come and go? Perhaps I don't care as long as he keeps dancing....perhaps I secretly hope he will hold on tightly to the classics....but aren't they all?


Haley-O said...

I love these pictures! They're adorable. Dancing with the kids is the BEST! The monkey loves dancing to Dora songs and The Wiggles....But, when I put hip hop on in the car....she REALLY dances!!!! ;) The girl's got rhythm!

mama melis said...

Yeah! You're back!
Miles is such a little man now. He looks like rocker too with his long locks and cute tank.

Any yes.... I cetainly know the Beagleys are dancing to Bon Jovi......

Michelle said...

does anyone have a lighter?

Laural Dawn said...

I've missed you! Love the pictures. I never actually wondered what music matt will listen to. I think that's cause I've been brainwashed by Raffi!! Good question. But I'm with you - as long as he's happy and dancing that's awesome :)
And PS we listened to classical music growing up - I later was in orchestras and symphonies. Not my thing now so much, but you can still sometimes find me humming along with some Mozart.

Grandma & Bubba said...

Great pics. Miles is changing too quickly! Miss you all. Thanks Heather and keep 'em coming.