Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jingle Bells

Okay, so he can't play Jingle Bells yet, but he can smash those keys like crazy and he is wearing clothes.

Things have been a bit crazy around here trying to pack and get everything ready for our trip to Windsor, Victoria & Australia. But I think we are pretty much there. I do my best work when Miles is sleeping. The only major thing we have to take care of is cleaning the fish tank and I must admit, I am NOT looking forward to it. We have arranged for all of our pets to be looked after & the plants watered. Thanks for you help Mom, Dad and Penny.

I likely won't make another post until after Christmas so enjoy your holidays and time with your family and friends. Apparently not much of the usual crowd will be at my parents for Christmas this year. So, in true Piccinato fashion, we are going to mix it up a bit....the Piccinato Christmas lunch/dinner (also known as lupper in my house) will be held at the Windsor Casino. Should prove very interesting, pictures to come.

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aethan adventures said...

he's the cutest, i must admit!