Monday, December 19, 2005

In The Spirit of Christmas I'll Let You Chew On The Bag

Miles got to open his first Christmas presents ever on Sunday. The contents however (a super cute t-shirt & a pair of pants from Thailand) were not nearly as interesting as the bag and tinsel. This was expected. You can't put that much tinsel & coloured tissue on a present and expect it to go unnoticed by a six month old. He was quite happy about the fact that I let him chew on the bag longer than normal, he looked at me like he was getting away with something bad. I let him chew on a Christmas card earlier in the week. I turned my head for a second, and by the time I turned back, his entire mouth was covered in black from the fancy pen that was used to address the card. He looked at me with the cutest big, black, drooly smile on his face. I can only imagine this is just a taste of what Christmas will be like. I wonder how many paper products he will consume. I learned quickly that tissue paper is much like m&m's (melts in your mouth, not in your hands).

For those of you who frequent this blog, note the lack of clothing, presence of rubber duckie and a new favorite.....the ever so exciting blue ribbon.


aethan adventures said...

that's so funny, the first things i noticed were the duckie and the nakedness. so cute!

aethan adventures said...

but where did duckie go in the second photo? did he get jelous that miles likes to chew on something else and dive off the high chair?