Thursday, February 02, 2006

From Down Under to Down Blankets

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We are back! I've collaged a few of our trip photos so that you could all get a peek at how amazing our time was, and see how beautiful Australia is. We met a lot of incredible people, went on a lot of amazing hikes (above and below the tree line), went on an insane boat ride (apparently I was the only one who thought so), saw some amazing animals and insects, participated in a lot of touristy stuff and loved it, swam in the ocean, and most importantly, got to show off Miles to family members that he had never met. It's hard to imagine that our time there is over.

Australia was stinking hot some days (our first day there was 45), surprisingly cold on others. The sun was so hot that it literally felt like it was frying your skin. Sunscreen is definitely the snowsuit of Australia (not sure which is worse). Miles loved the fact that there were minimal amounts of clothing involved on this trip. He did not however like sunscreen one fact with the reaction he gave upon application, you would think it was burning his skin off....Similar to how he acts when in his stroller. Marion and Darrin gave us their baby hiking pack and Miles LOVED it. He spent many hours in that pack hiking, sleeping and babbling about, in fact I still use it here in the middle of winter.

Miles experienced a lot of firsts in Australia. He met a lot of family for the first time. He went for his first swim, which initially didn't go over too well (especially in the ocean). By the time we left though, he was starting to kick around and enjoy it a lot more. He ate his first fist full of sand, which was promptly followed by puking, and then more fist fulls of sand (not much you can do about the sand eating...roughage). He climbed (on Dave's back) to his first mountain pass. He chucked his first really, really big fit (that was awesome). Seriously there were tones of firsts, but really there are everyday.

It was truly an unforgettable trip. Thank you to everyone in Australia for showing us such a truly wonderful time. We will be back again someday....When Miles can climb mountains on his own (credit due to Sadie and Noah who both went on some serious hikes with us).

Now that I'm back at home, the blogging will commence on a regular basis.....During nap time of course.

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