Friday, February 03, 2006

He Might Look Cute Now...but when he screems bloody murder at 4 am believe's not so cute

Two new teeth arrived a month ago (the bottom two). There were no sleepless nights, no obscene amounts of drool, no daytime fussing, just a bit of infant Tylenol and problem solved. This month two new teeth are emerging (the top two). Oh the sleepless nights, the fiesta of drool, and the daytime fussing....well, it's a blessing. My heart goes out to the poor little guy. I can see the teeth, they have almost poked through, but for three days now Miles has been in nothing but pain. Infant Tylenol is working, but I can't feel good about myself dosing my baby every four hours so I wake up when he needs me, and cuddle him til he goes to sleep. Hope those teeth come through soon for everyone in the families sakes. Posted by Picasa

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aethan adventures said...

and just think.....there is like a year and a half of teething left! have you tried the homeopathic teething gel and tablets? made by i think a company called highlands? they didn't work for aethan, but SO many moms i know swear by them. also, baby advil is good, helps relieve the swelling .