Monday, February 06, 2006

For Those About To ROCK....We Salute You!

When his nose is not full of crusty yellow and green snot, his chin free from the seemingly endless supply of drool, and his hair just right, Miles can be seen rocking out with his drum stix on just about any surface. Posted by Picasa


aethan adventures said...

sooooo cute....but what happened to rubber ducky, who used to be the fave? did he get lost in the dust when miles found drumsticks?

michelle said...

oh i am sooooo ready to rock now! thanks miles. can i have your tee? who does your hair? luv yur look!
love mich

Tawny said...

I can't wait until the photo goes on the website - that's such a cute photo!! What a charmer!

Cara/Kevin said...

thanks for directing me here, heather, i was wondering if my pleasure over my baby metal head was inappropriate, but now i'm just jealous of the ab/cd shirt!
were you ever into ac/dc?