Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Just May Lose The Nipples

Seriously, this is getting out of hand. I've dubbed it the "DEADLY NIP GRIP", and let me tell you, it f&*^ing kills. Miles has decided that biting while nursing is just about the funniest thing he can conjure up. When Dave is around, Miles bites me really hard and then looks at Dave and laughs. Like he's really funny or something for hurting me. It doesn't help that Dave laughs too (lets give the kid ammo Dave). When Dave isn't around and Miles bites me I tell him no. I can't however get him to unlatch because Dave isn't there to gain approval from. So instead of turning to Dave and laughing, he just continues to bite without letting go (A.K.A. DEADLY NIP GRIP). He cries, like I'm some big meanie pants for not letting him take my nipple with him for lunch as well.

We are talking serious teeth marks here people!!! Razor sharp slicers.

So I've tried to give him a bottle, and well, he basically cries bloody murder till I give him the boob again, which he proceeds to bite straight away. Needless to say I'm getting frustrated. Tomorrow I've decided to stand firm on the bottle. He will get at least two bottles tomorrow and I don't want to hear another thing about it.

Yes he's still cute.

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aethan adventures said...

dude, i feel your pain....aethan bit. it really dosen't last that long though. sometimes when he got older, he would fall asleep and bite down so hard....i practically died every time, nothing would get him to wake up or let go!
but really....blog please? i need an update!