Monday, March 13, 2006

Hunger Strike

It has been a very frustrating week, and it still continues. Miles has decided that not only does he no longer want to nurse (so it looks like that's over with because the supply is dwindling), he wants nothing to do with formula either. He won't take a a bottle in any way shape or form, nor will he take a sippy cup. In fact it has been a challenge getting any sort of fluid in him. It takes a lot of trickery and patience to get him to take any fluid. Some friends have experienced first hand how challenging it can be, and how involved they get when they are around for a feeding....suckers.

We took him to the pediatrician the other day to make sure that he was doing alright. He is still the same old Miles, happy as ever....well except for the fact that he is cutting another tooth, sick and oh yeah, he's not drinking much. Apparently as long as there are tears when he cries and pee in the diapers there shouldn't be need for much concern. If it lasts more than a few weeks then we will have to figure out what to do. Until then, I just try everyday to figure out how he wants his fluids, what fluids he wants, and how I'm going to get him to take them. It's an ordeal for me, though some may call it a spectator sport.

This past weekend Miles, Michelle and I went to visit Brandi, Brian and Edie. We had a great time. Brandi looks fantastic and it was lovely to touch a pregnant belly again. We had crazy play time, ate a lobster dinner, drank some yummy wine, chatted, played cards...oh and did I mention try to get Miles to drink something?

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well..don't ifeel flattered to be a part of this fantastic blog! for those of us who are still new to this blog thing...what is a "tag?"