Friday, March 17, 2006

Is The Sippy Cup Half Empty Or Half Full

My friends the sippy cup is HALF EMPTY!!!!! I don't know what happened, but something kicked in yesterday (possibly dehydration) and Miles decided that he was FINALLY going to drink something. It was pear juice mixed with water, but he drank an entire cup and a half through the course of the day. It took a lot of cheering and clapping after every sip on our part. He clapped too (I think he thought he was some sort of super star and all he had to do was drink out of a cup). This morning when we got up I decided that I would try formula and see how that would go over. He drank two ounces (of course every sip followed by large amounts of cheering and clapping....this morning I even danced). It was only two ounces, but two ounces more than he has in days. He even drank some more juice! So now Dave and I are proud parents to a baby that drinks liquid...well some anyways.

I have to admit that I am sort of relieved that Miles went through this hunger strike so to speak because it distracted me from the fact that the breastfeeding experience was over for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to no longer have Miles "bound to the boob", knowing that I can go and do things for longer periods of time but I am sad that it's over and that it had to end so abruptly. Being able to nurse your baby is a very special and powerful experience. Hopefully there will be a number two to share this experience with.

This is Miles celebrating his drinking fiesta with Dave......we are so proud.


aethan adventures said...

i am SOOOOOOOO happy for you guys. it's a tough road, but so nice when it's all done! now just to get aethan to stop drinking a bottle!

aethan adventures said...

new post please!

Michelle said...

Yay...he drank...he drank!!! And formula too! do you seriously write at 5:52 am? ....Well that's awsome...I sort of feel like I was a part of it all!! (an unecissary part, of course) but nevertheless a part of the "To Strike or not to Strike" phase of Miles' life. Go little boy...go!!!
Drink up....that goes for Miles too.