Sunday, April 09, 2006

And The Winner Is.....

And the lucky winners to the "Guess What's Going On In This Photo" contest are Grandma & Peepa. Together they guessed correctly (only that's my leg and not Daves). If you read this blog or talk to use enough, you would know that Miles has to take a poo standing up.

Now what I have failed to mention in the past, is that Miles needs to be visually entertained in order to participate in this whole pooping ordeal. Sometimes you have to move from location to location in order to "get it all out". What you see in the photo is a common starter spot...The dishwasher. The dishwasher is ever so fascinating, being shiny white and having six buttons and all, but it is also conveniently located next to these really cool white cabinet doorknobs that are also fun to grab while pooing.

Top 10 Favorite Pooping Locations
1. See through Ikea dresser we have. You can pull and tug at all sorts of interesting items inside. Yes, there are some socks and underwear. He likes it. I don't argue. Clearly we've tried it all.
2. Dishwasher / Cabinet Duo...You can move back and forth to each entertaining item.
3. Any window or door that has a lovely view of the outdoors.
4. The Bathroom towel rack. It moves up and down...Fascinating...Simply fascinating. It is located near the Bathroom Cabinet. It too has the ever famous white doorknobs.
5. The coffee table. But only when it has entertaining items on it(remote control, books, toys etc.) Ahhh the remote.....TV on, TV off. Volume up, volume down. Channel 2, channel 18.
6. Standing on our bed trying to grab at the mask on the wall. This was out of desperation and it worked.
7. Leaning against his favorite office chair. It turns and has a black twisty knob, oooooooo.
8. Standing facing the book shelf. That way he can simultaneously rip books off the shelf and poo at the same time.
9. Recruit Chewy, our dog (only as a desperate measure). Hoping perhaps a stand off of some sort will "get things moving". It's worked in the past.
10. If we are lucky the kid just does it on his own (unless it's in his highchair or bouncer, then it's just a squishy mess).

As I type this, I realize we are either going to have to install some sort of entertainment device in the bathroom for potty training. I'm going to have to act out short skits and or dance. Perhaps we are going to have to have a portable potty which cruises to different locations around the house. On the upside, as least we don't have to worry about him pooing in the bathtub!

Go ahead...Laugh at us.

I promise my next post won't be about POO.


ninepounddictator said...

Hey! I was kind of right!

Anyway, I think you should start taking pictures of babies faces when they poo. They're so funny!! (Or would that be too cruel?)

Heather said...

I have to admit, I've already done that. Never posted them cause I was unsure of what people would say. You've just given me the go ahead. In fact I tooke some nice ones the other day. Funny stuff. I did promise my next post wouldn't be about poo. Give it a'll see em.

Lebanese mama said...

I just spent 2 hours reading your entire blog, when I should really be getting mommy sleep. It's wonderful. What a great set of stories and photos! Keep 'em coming.

Oh, The Joys said...

My son has to poo standing up - but he also runs into the other room and shouts, "Go Away!" if you get too near. Afterwards, he likes to "say bye bye poo poo."