Monday, April 03, 2006

I'll Give You Three Guesses

I absolutely love this picture. However I know what's going on (so it is a bit tainted). I'll give you three guesses.....Can you figure it out?

Miles has finally made the world wide web. Rock Your Baby (a super cute baby clothing store in Australia) has decided (and we agree) that Miles is cute enough to be posted on their web page (check the gallery section). What a rock star. Posted by Picasa


aethan adventures said...

my three guess are :
1 he's naked just because
2 he's about to have a bath
3 someone is sick, sittingn on the bathroom floor and miles is there?

Grandma & Peepa said...

Only one guess:
David is standing Miles up so that he can have a "little poo"!

Am I right?

ninepounddictator said...

Crap. I'm going to definitely be thinking about this photo all night...

Sitting on Toilet?

Also, will check out that store in Australia. Some of their designers are amazing....but I don't know much about their kids thanks for the tip!

aethan adventures said...

k, tell us now!

Michelle said...

I know gradma and Peepa are right...but I thought I would add that that is indeed a super pic! Go Poooooh!