Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Flying Martini

Miles flies his first kite....attached to my back!

For the past four years, my family and our friends have had a kite contest on top of "the hill". Every year there is lots of food to eat, alcohol to be consumed, and awards to be given. Each year, more people come and join in the fun. This year there were about 20 participants. There were martini glasses, fish, dragons, planes, blimps, turtles, frogs, butterflies, box kites, the Wiggles, Sponge Bob, robots, and your standard rainbow kites all flying in the air (at some point or another). It was beautiful.

The wind wasn't perfect, it had it's gusty moments. Some kites flew beautifully, some kites landed at the bottom of the hill, and some of us spent a lot of time winding string and finding the perfect kite. Fingers crossed that next year offers a beautiful day and more friends to fly with.

Four Generations
Mom, Me, Miles and Grandpa

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