Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thank You For Waiting...My Ass Hurts Again

It was March, 2004 that I got the running fever. I had decided that I needed to get into shape and had asked a few friends if they might be into running. My friend Penny, who I really barely knew at the time, was the only one to jump on the offer (I can't remember how hesitant her yes was....If it was at all). Our first run was from my old apartment on Spadina around Christie Pits Park and back, just under 5K (later to be referred to as short run). It snowed that day. We both vowed to make running a regular thing. It felt good.

After running for a few months we were not only in fantastic shape, but we were becoming wonderful friends. Our first run was for The Brain Tumor Foundation, a 10K fundraiser. I don't think we walked once, but it PISSED buckets, and we couldn't have been more proud of ourselves when we crossed the finish line. It was that taste of group running and motivation that swept us into a ridiculous spin of long distance running.

The following collage highlights some of our very fist long distance runs (and yes the proofs are lifted from the web site)

Our first long run was The 25K Niagara Ultra (some crazy fools even ran 50K). You can see from the photos we have our numbers on our backs to start, and on our fronts to finish.......Amateurs. But we didn't do to badly Results, despite the fact that our bodies ached beyond belief. The collage also highlights our first half marathon 21K. The Detroit Half Marathon to be exact. We ran from Detroit's Comerica Park, U.S.A, across the Ambassador Bridge to Windsor, Canada, though the tunnel to the U.S., and finished on Ford Field. Beautiful day, great conversation, amazing run, and to top it all off, I was almost 4 months PREGNANT! Results.

PREGGERS....That's what ended the intended chain of long distance running in far off countries. Penny was amazing. She still ran with me almost every day (even though I was a lot slower)...Until we couldn't anymore (I think we ran until January and then it just got too slippery).

So instead of running, we swam every day. Doing laps wasn't nearly as fun (you can't talk under water), but swimming was the absolute BEST when I was pregnant. It was the only time that my body didn't feel like LC the Cow. After every 20 laps we'd chat for a bit, and then continue on. These lovely pics are near the end of my pregnancy.

After my c-section I wasn't really running for a while, and well, being a new mom sort of kept my time full. Penny waited patiently. I trained on my own for a bit, and we ran a 5k race for The Breast Cancer Foundation,but I still didn't feel up to par. In all honesty, I think I had lost motivation...That and my tits were two big. I mean running with three sports bras is a fantasy no woman should ever have. I was still very active, I just wasn't running.

Penny waited patiently (she ran on her own, hoping I'd come around again). This month, I decided that this was going to be my month. I have caught the running fever again (much to Penny's delight). It's taken a few weeks but I can run 7K without walking (though I'm still not at my old pace). I think my biggest challenge is pushing the damn running stroller. The bloody front wheel doesn't turn, and Miles + stroller = F*&^ing heavy. We take turns with the stroller now. It feels so good to be running again, even if I feel like I'm chasing Penny half the time. I'll get to where I was again, I know it. Just have to run through a sore butt and tired legs once in a while.

On May 7th, we participate in The Brain Tumor Foundation10K run again. I feel like this is the start of some beautiful runs and more motivation to run the distance.

Thank you for waiting Penny.

Sorry about posting the bathing suit pic. Had to. Thought you wouldn't mind considering I posted mine too.


ninepounddictator said...

I love the before/during photos!

Re my posting: I feel I should make it clear that I'm only going to buy the dictator designer clothes until she realizes what designer clothes are. Then, not so much.

Thanks for continuing to read...I continue reading yours too!


Jody said...

You girls are machines. I am in awe of your motivation. I can't remember the last time I ran and I don't plan to in the near future unless I'm in danger. Serious danger, too. If the situation is only mildly dangerous, I'm just going to walk briskly. Good luck with the new routine. I bet Miles loves riding in the fast stroller!

Penny said...

Together again, at last! And then there were four....
I must admit to being overjoyed at the prospect of having Heather back as my running partner/confidante/motivator.
I also enjoy the spectacle we put on through the streets of Toronto -two running chicks, a dog, a baby, and a stroller - CLEAR OUTTA THE WAY! WE ARE COMING THROUGH!
Let's just say last summer was tough without ya Heath!
Can't wait for Spring Sprint 2006 and our first of many races!
Just don't get preggers for a while ;)
Oh and regarding that picture you claim is of me - it is actually a picture of my twin sister "Perry" who enjoys swimming with Heather when she is pregnant.


Penny said...

Okay - I am leaving another comment - hopefully this time it posts!
So glad we are running together again! I really missed it and my motivation to run is back tenfold now that I have my partner back! The wait was worth it!
Although we are a bit of a spectacle, aren't we!! Picture Heather and I running (first off), then add a large dog, a stroller and a baby. Needless to say - we kind of stick out, especially around the 4km mark when Miles starts to kick up a fuss! Really though, he is exceptionally good considering his age - little guy must wonder what the rush is! Manuvering the busy sidewalks of Toronto with our crew is interesting as well!!!

Michelle said...

Outstanding Bio!!!!You girls are motivating just to read about. I tried the running thing, but it seems I make a better cheering section at your marathons...wouldn't you agree?Keep up the amazing job ladies!
PS...Don't you think you should submit those bathingsuit pics to Sports Illustrated? SEXY!