Thursday, April 27, 2006

So Now All Of A Sudden I Need A Cuddle Bunny

Over Easter weekend the Piccinato family gave Miles a bunny. A SUPER soft, SUPER cute, a not too big and not too small bunny. Miles really hasn't figured out the security that a stuffed animal can offer yet. Once in a while he will chew on Elmo's eyes, eat the kangaroos tail, or suck on the rabbits ear, but all in all he's not much of a stuffed animal guy.....Yet. Just for the record, he's also not a blankie, thumb, or a soother guy. He was a boob man until he started biting me, but that's all in the past (see previous posts).

So the other day, as I lay on the couch with Dave (watching our previously taped 24) it occurred to me that when the show got suspenseful I was cuddling said bunny. I laughed at myself, but that didn't stop me from cuddling it. In fact, over the past few days when I sit down to watch the tube I find myself actually "needing" the bunny. I hold it in my arms, rest my head on it's oh so soft fake fur. It doesn't even phase Dave when I ask him if he could please pass me the bunny. This bunny is now part of the living room decor (along with a mess of other toys). I imagine most people who walk through our doors think that the bunny is Miles'. Little do they know, it has become my cuddle bunny.


Kristen said...

I have a bunch of stuffed animals I saved from my childhood- 4 that I actually had as a BABY! These four are: Ziggy (the cartoon character- Leah, my daughter calls him Gig Gig, and ADORES HIM), Purple- a purple bear, Kozmo- a koala, and A bunny that I put a dress on for some reason- that I got in a pantyhose egg when I was 2 or 3. I've started sharing them with my daughter, and she loves them. She has 2 of her own, too. A purple "my first carebear" and one of those animal heads with a mini blanket attached. That sounds scary when you describe it!

ninepounddictator said...

Oh, I had a doll that was my security blanket until I was well into university. By the end, she had no legs or arms and barely a head left...I miss her. Must find her!

The Dictator hasn't really gravitated to any one thing...except her damn mini shopping cart. Imagine trying to convice your child that, no, you can't take the shopping cart into the car!

I wish she had a stuffed animal she loved!