Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ode To The Belly That Was

In less than a month Miles will be one. It's hard to believe that this coming weekend last year, I was thinking that I was going to have a baby. I was due May 24th (Miles decided to arrive June 10th) . I figured he was going to have some kick ass birthday celebrations when he got older with a birthday on the 2-4 weekend (likely ones I didn't want to hear about, but kick ass nonetheless). Little did I know that I was going to be weeks overdue.

Lets face it, for those of you that knew me when I was pregnant it got pretty ugly near the end (who am I kidding, despite all my exercise I grew like a...lets just say I got big fast). I WAS HUGE!!! I should have known a ten pounder was in there waiting & waiting and waiting.

Today I raise a glass of wine to my big ole belly (because I certainly couldn't then). Despite the gynormous sizes that this body achieved (I'm sure thanks to chocolate), I really miss the old belly. Rubbing it, reading to it, blasting music against it, getting automatic seats on the TTC with it, and feeling the sweetness inside of it.

......After the 3 days overdue photo no more photos were taken (that would just be cruel and unusual punishment to myself) until Miles was born....and we haven't stopped taking photos since.


El Hijo del Quijote said...

And the light, in which moment was?

It is a pure and grand magic.
To give to Light, it is to give birth to dreams.

Congratulations and Smiles for you.

Come Here.


ninepounddictator said...

Wow! You're brave! I still can't look at mine...not yet, anyway...And I even had Bryan Adams take a photo shot of me (I'm not bragging . I'm just saying that I can't even look at those!)
I do miss eating for two tho...

Jody said...

Do you want to have a stretch mark contest? In private, though. Mine go all around my midsection like a belt. Coco butter, my ass.

jess said...

you did a great job of documenting your preggo belly

isn't it wierd to see how big you were then?

i couldn't have ever been that big (until i look at my pics and remember that i was)

i couln't have ever had a stretch mark free belly (and then i look at my early pics again...!)

Pinky said...

We're doing a similar photo log where we take a snapshot of my son every month for his "birthday" beside one of his stuffed toys.

It let's us see how much he's grown from the previous month.

We'll probably keep doing it until he's 21! :)