Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yes folks, there is another world out there. A world of "mommy bloggers" (rumor has it there are "daddy bloggers" too). Yes, it is scary, but as a mommy...And well, a "mommy blogger", I must admit, there are a few mommy bloggers I love and visit often (they make me laugh). There are even a few mommy bloggers that I don't love (they make me angry), but visit anyways...WHY? Cause it makes me feel better.

In this world of mommy madness a game of tag is being played. The Misadventures of (Mommy) Laural (she's one of the good ones...Really she is) has been so kind enough to tag me **hint of sarcasm (I dislike tag, never liked it on the playground...Always running around aimlessly, chasing the almighty untaggable.**. Kind enough to make me realize that five is a very difficult number (though it does make for an easy post). I know it's not your fault Laural, you are merely playing the game....As will I. I think it's bad luck or something to not continue the game, like something really bad happens, like you lose a toe or something.

NOTE: "My" has been changed to "My/Our"...If you think I'm taking all the blame you've got another thing coming.

5 Things in My/Our Refrigerator:
**See Previous Post**

5 Things in My/Our Closet:
1. Three Bags of nice clothing that hopefully someday soon will fit again (No comments from the peanut gallery please...I am well aware that Miles is one now) .
2. Underwear (Type: Granny...ahh the comfort....The sexy ones are in the bag of clothing that no longer fit) .
3. Dave's underwear (even the ones with holes...Just incase he runs out of the other 30 good pairs he has) .
4. Socks (Same deal as number 3. You can't reach into the sock pile without finding at least three pairs you refuse to wear because they have holes....You can't argue with him on this one....Really....What if we run out of good socks?....I'd rather go barefoot) .
5. A pillow that Miles peed on.

5 Things in My Handbag:
**I don't have a handbag. I have an immensely large and extremely ugly pink wallet with hearts. It cost me ten dollars. I shove all my crap in the stroller...Which is basically my wallet. I'm a no make up, no fuss kinda gal.

5 Things in My/Our Car:
1. Lots of music .
2. Pop cans that Dave has shoved under the seat because he thinks I won't know they are there. 3. A Baby on Board sign. Speaking of which, Baby on Board signs work to your advantage, but also against....Yes other drivers back off (a bit) when you are driving, BUT when you are driving on your own, without baby, speeding and listening to music full blast (because you can't when baby is in the car....ahh Such freedom), people look at you like you are an awful person for driving like a crazy person because they think you have a baby in the car.
4. A plaid sheet (seriously but ugly) that we put up in the back seat because we think it prevents dog hair from getting everywhere....Yeah right.

Now the way the game goes, is that I tag someone (it should be five people, but I don't know five bloggers personally). So, sorry to those of you I've tagged before (yes I have played before...again with the fear of losing toes), but Emily, Tawny, Anna Lee and hrm....Well I think that's it. You are IT.

Gratuitous Baby Photo

*Read sign*


Trish said...

What a great post. I so relate to you, especially about the clothes in closet that will fit one day.
I love your blog, btw. Great writing and pictures. Thanks for letting me visit.

Laural Dawn said...

I'm so flattered!
And sorry for tagging you, but I had to 'cause I love you blog (even if you disappeared for weeks ...)
And, I totally agree about the baby on board thing. Too funny. I've done that. I mean, not that I would ever speed or crank the music up!
By the way, I didn't really like tag at school and I also really don't enjoy it when people send me those stupid e-mails that you have to tell all the details of the drinks you like and say who is least likely to reply. Those are just annoying!

LaLa said...

Why are you keeping the pillow Miles peed on? Sentimental value? Lala says "throw it out girl! You ain't never gonna rest your head on that again...."

Although maybe you could secretly give it to your sleepover guests without them knowing and then laugh it up. That would be cruel but funny.

And about the handbag thing - ha what a laugh. The only bag I have ever seen you carry is that honkin' black work bag that used to piss you off to no end.


p.s. I like reading Mommy blogs too and I am not even a Mommy....

ninepounddictator said...

Yah, where were you???

I love dog hair in cars. I know, ridiculous but true.

I just love dogs..

the first car I ever bought I bought off a co-worker who had a German Shepard. Apparently, those dogs shed A LOT...the whole car was covered...It was pretty disgusting for other people...

Anonymous said...

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