Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reality In My Fridge, 7 Months Later

This evening after I put Miles to sleep I decided that I needed a beer. That's when it hit me. My fridge, just as it was seven months ago, is still very telling of my/our reality.

There are a few differences

1. NO! It's not the same beer, infact it has been replaced many times (company, and a few good nights, we aren't alcoholics.....Yet....We are saving that for retirement...Kidding...Jesus . YES! It is still demoted to the bottom of the fridge door.

2. Never has a jug of Homo milk graced my fridge before. Now a new one is there every few days. I admit...It makes my coffee so much more yummy.

3. Not since I lived in Field B.C. have I seen such chaos in a fridge (I had six roommates then). Note that the beer has it's own special place in the fridge. Is this still considered and demotion if it has it's own home in the fridge door? Seems to me, it says, we care Alexander Keith...And until I get pregnant again. I will visit you. Not as often as I used to, but I will visit.

And some things never change

1. We still like orange juice.

2. Apparently we don't like the sweet chili sauce that is located on the top shelf in the door. Mental note, throw away before next reality In My Fridge Blog

3. Actually if you look at both pictures, a lot doesn't change...It just gets moved around. Mental note, clean fridge.

**Go ahead, laugh. But I bet if you took a picture of your fridge and looked at it in seven months, you'd get a pretty good idea of your reality too!**


ninepounddictator said...

Ok, that was such a funny post....

I don't get what homo milk is...I never understood. Is it better than cream, but worse than milk?

Also, I'll take your chili sauce. Love it.

LaLa said...

Great post - loved it!

Anonymous said...

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